My early home was the Panama Canal, a home I was forced into exile from during my adolescent years. My creative voice was silenced in the political turmoil my family and I experience, but in the ensuing years, I have found myself pushing through unconscious barriers to delve deeply into developing my artistic expression. Creating immersive, swirling vistas that evoke the ocean and the sky is a way of suggesting both personal and political forces, including the spiritual protection that brought me to where I am.

Growing up in Panama City surrounded by the incredible medley of nature, colorful life and in particular the ocean was ever present. The visual language I use in my paintings all hark back to the emotional connection I experience there. 

My canvases are highly layered and textured, suggesting oceanographic and topographical surface. I enjoy different consistencies of acrylic paints, mediums, and intermixable solvents by alternating between them intuitively and deliberately to obtain the desired composition. The canvas go deep, both in terms of the depth of field, and in terms of the feelings they represent. My goal is to provide people with a visual experience that stirs creativity, feelings of perseverance, the ability to journey onward through the vastness of the world with renewed hope or something similar. 

I believe abstract art provides an awakening to creative exploration and the experience it offers has the power to lift people’s spirit. 



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